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What is the SDGToolkit.net?

The Sustanable Development Goals Toolkit Network (SDGtoolkit.net) is a participatory cumulative knowledge building and dissemination network. The basic objective is to provide agricultural practitioners with effective analytical tools and rational procedures for agricultural project and farm plans, management and results evaluation.

The analytical procedures and tools available through the network are brought together in the SDGToolkit, an advanced cloud-based service.

How does this work?

SDGToolkit uses advanced database technology to build up and record high quality information on attained performance benchmarks for agricultural production within defined microbioclimatic zones linked to a series of relevant productivity measures, including sustainability, profitabiliy, yields and other metrics. Those users willing to share their accumulated data can contribute to a reference medium of utility to everyone on the network. Users of SDGToolkit automatically qualify as network participants.

The range of farm enterprises included

In terms of crops, all systems are included from rain fed, irrigated, protected, greenhouse and indoor production in any global location from temperate to tropical, arid and Mediterranean type biolcimates. All animal production systems from open field to intensive production are also included.

Improving the coherence between needs and policy

Under the challenge of climate change there is a need for a more coherent relationship between overall strategic national sustainable agricultural production requirements as a basis for policy design. The SDGToolokit system possesses all of the analytical tools necessary for assessing national requirements through its Global Constraints Analysis (GCA) modules. Theses enable a correct dimensioning and prioritization of policy budgets and actions and supports participatory project level design in response to national requirements through its Due Diligence Design Procedure (3DP).

SDGToolik is supported by the Sustanaiable Development Facility